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Plastic free July

Cardboard for plastic

When Claire Hyne set up Papillon Gin on Dartmoor, it was to make a high quality spirit with a true taste of the moor. The company’s three gins use locally foraged botanicals and that sense of keeping it local is key to her brand. But for Claire, just as important is that her packaging is completely plastic free as she explains:

“We are plastic free champions and so we were looking for a product that didn’t have any plastic in it. Thanks to Atlas the boxes we have, have got cardboard internal dividers which are very carefully measured so our 70cl bottles fit exactly in each segment. So no plastic here!”

Naturally plastic free

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. They open up your packaging and the first thing they see surrounding your product is bubble wrap or some other form of plastic wrapping. Is that really the correct impression of your brand? There are plenty of sustainable, 100% recyclable cardboard solutions to protect your product without the need for plastic. Claire’s boxes, pictured left, have cardboard dividers built into the box itself which also helps to cut down on the amount of cardboard needed to make the box. But here are five other plastic free solutions.

5 plastic free solutions

Flexi-hex sleeves provide a protective paper wrapping for bottles which then are packed inside a corrugated printed cardboard box with optional cut out windows. This eliminates the need for bubble wrap. See more about Flexi-hex

Hexagon honeycomb fillers are a great way to protect automotive parts and furniture. This cardboard product is exceptionally strong and can replace bags of air or foam.

Built-in bottle dividers are a way of reducing cardboard too as they’re cut from the same sheet of board as the box itself and pop up into place when the box is erected. These remove the need for plastic dividers.

Fully enclosed Drinks Can boxes are a stylish and quick to pack replacement for plastic wrap. They can be printed to promote brand identity.

Replace plastic handles on gift boxes with a cardboard version. This can either work as a cut out space within the box or as a cardboard handle that pops up from the box.


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