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Flower packaging box


Innovative Packaging Box Solutions and Excellent Customer Service for Flowers by Clowance

About Flowers by Clowance

Located in Cornwall, Flowers by Clowance is a wholesaler of freshly picked seasonal flowers, which are all bought directly from local growers and those in Lincolnshire and Devon. The business specialises in British flowers and prides itself on supplying florists for 52 weeks of the year. Owner James Cock has a long history of working in the industry, having been part of the family business before starting his own venture in 2017.

Cardboard flower delivery box 

As a successful wholesaler of British flowers, Flowers by Clowance supplies florists across the UK. To do this, the team relies on shipping boxes to keep the flowers safe and secure during transit. At Atlas Packaging, we’re delighted to be the packaging partners for Flowers by Clowance’s beautiful bunches and bouquets.

Bespoke packaging box requirements for fresh flowers

Flowers by Clowance use three different sizes of packaging boxes, allowing them to accommodate the wide range of flowers that they sell. Knowing exactly what size and shape boxes they needed to safely transport flowers from the warehouse to florists, Flowers by Clowance worked closely with us to create custom packaging designs.

Flower cardboard boxes 

All three box sizes are bespoke, created with the business’ unique designs and dimensions in mind. We took the business’ requirements - they needed sturdy and protective boxes to keep flowers safe, but they also needed them to look professional - and decided on flexo-printed packaging.

This high-quality printed flower packaging combines function and product protection with a flawless and professional finish. The team can pack florists’ orders, knowing the flowers will arrive in perfect condition.

Reliably supplying flower boxes at a moment’s notice

Thanks to a mild climate and a lack of frost, Flowers by Clowance can sell British flowers for 52 weeks of the year. But, doing so relies on a constant and reliable supply of bespoke packaging boxes.

The team highlights that their packaging boxes are very important and a key part of being a successful wholesaler. They supply florists across the UK by next-day courier, getting through a large quantity of boxes each week, so running out isn’t an option.

Packaging box for flowers 

With a large, fluctuating number of orders to handle, it can be difficult to work out how many boxes need to be ordered in advance. Flower by Clowance’s order volume often changes, and they have previously had box deliveries brought forward to accommodate a sudden rush.

When this happens, Atlas Packaging accommodates the changes and ensures enough boxes are delivered. With our good lead times and excellent communication, the Flowers by Clowance team doesn't have to think twice about suddenly needing more boxes, as we always make it work.

Streamlining flower packaging with great customer service

Flowers by Clowance has worked with Atlas Packaging for many years as part of the family business before James Cock branched out on his own. They use our services because we’re reliable, communicate well and are experts in what we do.

Atlas packaging review

Once again, they were happy with the service we provided, marking another positive chapter in our 20-year-plus partnership.

If you’d like to find out more about our range of plant or flower packaging boxes or any of our other corrugated cardboard packaging solutions, get in touch with our team.

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