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Wall-E replica that's out of this world

Walle replica cardboard 


Atlas Packaging, a UK-based cardboard box manufacturer, recently made headlines for an impressive replica of Wall-E made entirely out of corrugated cardboard.

Wall E cardboard 

The company, which specialises in designing and manufacturing cardboard packaging solutions, took on the challenge of creating a life-size cardboard model of the beloved Pixar character and succeeded in creating a masterpiece that showcases their creativity and technical prowess.

Labour of Love

The project was a labour of love for the design team here at Atlas Packaging, who spent more than 50 hours designing and building the Wall-E replica as graphic designer Judy Whitmore explains:

“Wall-E is a great Pixar character and his message of sustainability and recycling is one that resonates with us here at Atlas Packaging. So, we set about recreating him out of cardboard and people seem to love what we’ve achieved. We’re now part of the Smurfit Kappa Group and Wall-E won an internal competition for the most innovative design in cardboard which was amazing.”

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Innovation and detail

The project required a great deal of precision and attention to detail, with the team carefully measuring and cutting each piece of cardboard to ensure that the final product was as accurate as possible.

Wall E Innovation 

The process of creating the Wall-E replica began with the team sketching out a rough design of the character, which they then used to create a 3D model. used this model to generate templates for each of the cardboard components, which were cut out using a computer-controlled cutting machine.

The individual cardboard pieces were then assembled by hand, with the team using a combination of glue and tape to hold everything together.

Once the main body of the Wall-E replica was assembled, the team began adding the finer details, such as Wall-E’s arms, eyes, and buttons. These were cut out of cardboard and attached to the main body using glue.

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Pushing the boundaries

The end result of the project was a stunning replica of Wall-E that showcased the incredible potential of cardboard as a material.

Replica of Wall E 

Award winning

The project not only demonstrated Atlas Packaging’s technical abilities, but also our creativity and willingness to take on new challenges. General Manager, Jason Sharman, expressed his pride in the project:

“It was a real team effort and everyone involved can be proud of what they achieved. Wall-E now has pride of place in our Conference Room and congratulations to our designers for winning the Smurfit Kappa award”.

The project has garnered a great deal of attention online, with many people expressing their admiration for the replica. The project serves as a reminder of the innovation potential of cardboard as a material, and the creativity and ingenuity that can be brought to bear in its use.

With companies like ours pushing the boundaries of what is possible with cardboard, it is clear that the future of packaging and design is bright.

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