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ISO 14001

Atlas Packaging ISO 

Best environmental management

Atlas Packaging has been awarded ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification which reflects that as a corrugated cardboard packaging company we’re putting best environmental practices at the heart of our business. This is fantastic news and means that we’ve achieved the following:

Reduced our environmental impact across the whole business

Used solar PV to help power our offices and production lines

Continued to sort and recycle ALL waste and send ZERO waste to landfill

Understand and comply with ALL applicable environmental legislation

environmental management 

How we do it

Good for everyone

Before receiving the ISO 14001 certification Atlas Packaging had already been introducing ways to minimise the environmental impact of the business as Operations Director Phil Sweetland explains:

“As well as being good for the environment it’s also been good for business to separate our waste and look to recycle as much as we possibly can. It now means we’re sending nothing to landfill as the small amount of non-recyclable waste leftover is incinerated in a heat to energy power plant. But we’ve been able to cut our own energy bills through LED lighting, PIRs to turn off lights, our forklifts converted from diesel to electric as well as installing PV cells on our roof and a biomass boiler.”

Good for everyone 

As part of the ISO 14001 process, Atlas has also been able to reduce waste in our supply chain as well as working with customers to reduce their packaging waste. As a result we have achieved a reduction in plastic pallet wraps by 37%.

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