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The rise of the veg box

Riverford boxes stacked 

A growing market

The pandemic has had a seismic shift on consumer shopping habits with home delivery now an expected service. As a result this has provided vegetable growers with a wider market of shoppers eager to buy fresh fruit and veg. The rise of the veg box has seen producers increase their sales and has brought in a wave of new followers.

Riverford food boxes stacked 

Riverford Organic Farmers reported that in the first 7 weeks of lockdown they packed and distributed 500,000 veg boxes before taking the amazing step of not accepting any new customers at that time. Photo courtesy of Riverford showing how they use their boxes.

What makes a good veg box?

A veg box most importantly needs to do two things. It has to be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the veg and it needs to have some protection against moisture.

We all know that a cardboard box won’t stay intact if it gets wet. So the boxes that we make from solid cardboard come with a thin moisture resistant layer that enables each one to be reused up to ten times before it needs to be recycled. We’ve become something of a specialist in this area and now have a whole unit dedicated to making veg boxes.

Riverford boxes stacked 

To help your brand stand out we can print the exterior and interior of the packaging. But it’s the ability for your customers to return the box by leaving it out for the delivery driver when they bring their next veg box that really helps to build brand loyalty.

We provide the box, you grow the veg, your customer returns the box to you and you deliver again. Your sales go up and the environment wins too.