Mail order plant boxes come in a variety of sizes. These are boxes that can be sent as individual boxes via the postal system. As a result the boxes need to be designed for a high level of handling. By using unique fittings and plastic pots or trays we can anchor plants ready for movement and to protect them from damage.

Design for these boxes can be challenging, as transporting a growing plant which must remain moist in transit is tricky, but our designs ensure it remains secure in the box.

For the mail order of live flowers we use a slim line die cut top box. These will usually hold one or two stems to allow the packaging to go through the postal system and are especially designed to fit through letter boxes. This product comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes, ranging from small single pot boxes to boxes containing trays of plants. Being robust is essential to hold the product in place, which often requires a moisture repellant to protect the box and ultimately the contents in transit.

Small, young or established plants can be sent in the live plant boxes, and here at Atlas we have a wealth of experience in supplying hanging baskets with large plants via the mail order system too.

With the mail order market continuing to evolve we are able to offer a variety of box styles. Often speed of packing and the customer experience is critical. Utilising glued quick to erect boxes is very popular to improve the speed of packaging. Plus we can supply our boxes with double sided tape to offer a clean finish which very easy to access by the consumer.