Corrugated Cardboard trays for Bottled Drinks

Here at Atlas Packaging, we have 3 sizes of tray products available. Trays can be designed to hold 330ml, 500ml or non-standard sized bottles and can be branded in any one of our print finishes, or left plain. A well branded product gives your product prime visibility during transit and whilst on the shelf.

Once bottles are placed in the tray, the package can be shrink wrapped to keep the contents secure. This is a cost effective way of securing your products for transit, and allows the bottles to be on display. Once the bottle arrives at the final point of sale, wrapping can be removed to give easy access to products.

Why Choose a Tray?

  • 3 sizes to choose from
  • Able to hold 330ml, 500ml or non-standard sized bottles
  • High quality print finish to improve visibility on the shelf
  • Easy access to products
  • Shrink wrapping available
  • 100% recyclable
  • Cost effective collation of product

Why Choose Atlas Packaging?

We have years of experience in the brewery packaging industry, and have refined our materials and processes to give the end product optimal strength and integrity. Kraft papers allow us to achieve a very high standard of print finish, whilst keeping the structure of the packaging stronger for longer. We can also supply recycled paper if you would prefer a more environmentally friendly packaging solution. Atlas Packaging is an FSC® certified company, meaning that our materials have a chain of custody back to source; for every tree that is cut down, another is planted (a fully sustainable process). Approximately 70%-90% of the materials that we use are recycled, and our finished cardboard products are always 100% recyclable.