Fully Enclosed Boxes to Secure and Protect Bottles

Fully enclosed 0201 boxes provide breweries with the perfect solution for the shipping and distribution of bottles. The sturdy corrugated box gives prime protection during transit whilst the strong high quality graphics work to catch the eye of the customer. Each side of the box can be printed on, giving a large surface area for branding. This creates optimal brand visibility during transit and whilst on the shelf.

Solid enclosed boxes (also known as FEFCO Regular Container 0201s and American Cases) are quick and easy to erect – they will be supplied flat and can come with a crash lock base or pre-taped. The excellent strength of boxes manufactured by Atlas Packaging, protects bottles from impact during transit and also allows for safe stacking. Why Choose a Fully Enclosed Box?

  • Available to hold 500ml, 330ml or non-standard sized bottles
  • Box sides can be heavily branded to give maximum visual impact and increase sales
  • Atlas Packaging’s manufacturing process has been refined to create boxes that retain optimal integrity
  • Boxes can be finished using any one of our high quality print finishes
  • 100% recyclable

100% Recyclable Bottle Packaging

Here at Atlas Packaging, we create corrugated card products that are 100% recyclable, and can be FSC® certified, meaning that our materials are sustainably sourced; for every tree cut down, another is planted.