Unique Branding Solution for Events and Festivals

If you’re looking for a fun and effective way to create a big visual impact at an outside event or festival then talk to us about bum boxes. Bum Boxes are a popular experiential marketing solution from Atlas Packaging - the unique folding system of this corrugated seat folds flat for carrying and storage, before opening out into a triangular prism seat, with a back rest and providing support for up to 120kgs. Bum boxes have the unique ability to brand a large area quickly and effectively, whilst giving the user a practical and water resistant seat. Bum Boxes have been used to great effect by companies such as Virgin, Sony, and Benfit Cosmetics at well-attended events including: the Hitchcock BFI Film Festival, Natwest Film First, and Ascot.

Experiential Advertising for Breweries

Clever businesses are always on the lookout for innovative advertising techniques to capture the interest of their target market. Bum Boxes are a clever way for breweries to reach a large group of existing and potential customers; food and drink play a large part in guests’ enjoyment of an event, making Bum Boxes a fantastic way for breweries to spread their message to highly relevant audience.