4 High Quality Printing Methods for Corrugated Products

Atlas Packaging have a large print workshop with facilities to print in 4 different ways: standard flexo or high quality post print flexo, litho-laminated, digital print, or screen print. Our in-house design team will guide you through the design process with your printing method in mind, to ensure that your final design is optimised to meet the needs of your chosen printing facility.

All artwork costs are FREE with Atlas Packaging, meaning that you don’t pay a penny until you’re completely satisfied. Furthermore, you’ll only ever pay one set-up fee; unless you change your design, all subsequent runs with Atlas will not incur a setup fee.

All of our corrugated cardboard products are finished using either kraft or recycled paper. Kraft paper is strong with a high elasticity and tear resistance - not only does it give us an optimal surface for printing on, it also creates a durable finished product that retains integrity.