Shelf / Retail Ready Packaging (SRP / RRP)

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Shelf Ready Packaging

Shelf and Retail Ready Packaging

Shelf or Retail Ready Packaging (SRP, RRP) is a cost effective dual purpose method of packaging – being both protective for transit and also practical for retail display.

In a pressured environment where consumers are demanding products yesterday and the industry is changing to using a ‘little and often’ style of demand, timing is crucial - something that has been driven by large retailers. By combing transit packaging with shelf presentation in one packaging solution you are able to reduce time taken from pallet to shelf, cutting costs , labour and waste.

Protective, durable and visually appealing

Our structural design team will work to make sure that the structure of your die packaging is protective and durable. The graphics team will then work with the structural design to make brand identity flow from product into packaging for effective display. The design teams work closely to create designs that are product specific, achieve client marketing goals and showcase the product effectively.  Production take place in house using the latest die cutting and printing facilities including machines from BOBST and J&L. These machines allow us to produce in a vast range of sizes and specifications.

We regularly produce the following types of retail packaging, but if you have custom requirements then please do challenge us!

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