Produce Trays

Used for horticulture packaging, our produce trays are designed to be strong, durable and quick to assemble, designed to be time saving and cost-effective for fruit and vegetable growers and suppliers. This includes solid board collapsible cartons as well as branded and polycoated boxes.

These trays are very versatile; coming in various different sizes and being very robust, heavy duty, they enable you to stack your products high on a pallet. 

They also allow a large surface area for branding to be applied, which is ideal for advertising your business, and raising brand awareness through the use of eye catching graphics/print - a service offered here by our in-house team of talented graphic designers.

Riverford Organic used Atlas Packaging for its vegetable packaging due to the versatility of the services on offer here. Vegetable boxes are required by Riverford in a variety of sizes as well as with design features that allow them to easily be folded flat for stacking in delivery vans. As the customer is required to leave the empty solid board collapsible box outside, there is a requirement for the boxes to be able to withstand all types of weather. For this reason, Atlas Packaging uses polycoated solid board which adds water resilience and durability.