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Packaging graphic design and print services

With graphic design, prototyping, testing and production all under one roof, we ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained throughout the process.

The Graphics Team

Our 6 strong design team play an essential role in making Atlas’s process so unique - You won’t find many packaging companies with such a large in-house creative team! Our designers are always bursting with brilliant ideas and furthermore have the technical skill to bring them to life. Whether you require your existing artwork to be rendered, or need them to consult and inspire from a raw brief, our creative bunch will ensure that inventive ideas are realised with superfluity.

Recent investment has given us the facilities to provide highly accurate prototypes that give a close representation and feel for the end product. This is always a useful time to stop and check that the project is headed in the right direction before it goes to final production.

Packaging Print Services

The printing facilities that we have here at our North Devon plant are among some of the finest quality that you will come by. Our specialist equipment gives us the ability to print in a vast range of superior finishes and formats, machinery includes:

Infrared (IR) Driers – These allow us to print on coated materials for a vibrant, glossy finish. IR technology also speeds up the drying process, therefore significantly reducing production time and energy usage.

Spectrophotometer - This device allows for acute colour accuracy.

Our experienced graphic design team are at your disposal to create fresh designs or to re-work existing artwork. From design to prototype to production, we closely monitor all processes to ensure complete consistency.

Environmental responsibility is taken incredibly seriously across all of Atlas’s departments. The inks that we use for printing are all water based as opposed to solvent based, and waste is recycled through a water filtration system which separates the ink to form non-toxic by-products.

An exciting current development in our print department is the construction of a high-spec Print Lab, which will enable us to carry out our own technical testing within a fully equipped modern laboratory environment.

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