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Kinder Chocolate

The challenge

We are proud to partner with Kinder Chocolate UK to produce outstanding packaging that will sit on the shelves of supermarkets and stores across the country. Our challenge was to convert their boxes from Litho printed packaging to High Quality Post Print Flexo printed boxes which we’ve achieved with great success. We also needed to change the packaging to make it as one complete unit. Previously it had two separate elements of a tray and a hood which needed to be assembled and therefore was more time consuming on the packing line. We worked with Kinder to review what was required and provide solutions to the challenges.


Amazing print detail

We take our work to match and maintain colours extremely seriously on all jobs but for a brand as iconic as Kinder and its recognisable red packaging we ensured all our processes were exact. We introduced a spot red for this purpose to maintain the consistency of the brand colouring. 

What also makes this a stand out print is the quality of what has been produced for the disposable part of the packaging. 

As with all of our Kinder SRP boxes this is a one piece SRP which has a detachable hood and an open tray that remains on the shelf. The hood on this Easter Egg hunt product (on sale now in major supermarkets) has tremendous black print detail to produce clean half-tone images. A further technical challenge was to produce the smallest details in great clarity and that was more than achieved. Some of the text is as small as 2pt within the images yet it’s clear to read at that small size with no blurring. The image of the Kinder Easter Egg pack is detailed and the tone on the product image is perfect, that could only be achieved with a consistent print across the board. 

Design work

As part of our production team we have talented in-house graphics and structural designers. They were involved in every stage of the process to ensure that the packaging made from a single piece of cardboard, as well as the Flexo printing, was the best that it could possibly be. The packaging is die-cut but this can present a challenge when the tray and hood are detached from one another, the tray left on the shelf can have a raw edge due to the perforations. But the way that our design team created the packaging allows the perforations to be cleanly opened while retaining its strength and durability during transit to the supermarket.

Delivering excitement

The look of joy on this child’s face tells you everything about delivering a product as loved as Kinder chocolate. The importance of the packaging that sits on the shelf should never be underestimated. The fine detail quality that we produced for Kinder allows their product to stand out on the shelf edge and with the detachable hood it means easy opening and stocking for the supermarkets. As the hood is also made from cardboard it can be placed into the store’s recycling bundles and be turned into more cardboard without the need for plastic wrap around the products. Speak to us now about why we’re trusted by a brand as iconic as Kinder and what we can do for you.


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